698, 2015

I have lived 698 days intermittently from 2011 to 2015 in the city of London, a place where I have developed a strong attachment and a deep sense of belonging. The anecdotes and emotions related to this bond are transformed in this project into numerical data that work as a personal memory device: dates that indicate for how long I stayed, when I left and how long it took until I come back are references of what happened without describing it visually or with words.

This series is a view of those specific places that I have inhabited and walked the most, documented in a very fragmentary and distant way, with no action, characters or narration; but highly melancholic, as it shows the spaces I live in and I am about to leave all the time.

The water appears in some of the photographs as a symbol of the transit, the comings and goings and not being the same in-between; at the same time that the house is shown to reinforce that feeling of home and belonging. The walk is the way to register the images, that I have not organized with a chronological or spatial sense, but with a poetic vision from day to night and circularly, showing the same place in both the first and last images.

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